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The humanitarian spirit within Ibukunoluwa Ogunsola Adeyanju came out at an early age. She was only eleven years old when she joined the Red Cross Society in Nigeria in 2000. Today she is a certified nurse and works as the Health Coordinator in her home state.
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I embraced the act of humanitarianism early in life when I voluntarily joined the Red Cross Society when I was still in elementary school. I have since then been active in all Red Cross activities in my school, detachment, state and even on a national level. I followed different courses and in that way, I could develop myself and eventually got the position of a Trainer in the society.

But the humanitarian within me still wanted to do more. So after I graduated I enrolled into nursing school. Today I am a trained and certified nurse, and this has really made it possible for me to bring out the humanitarian spirit within me. It gave me the opportunity to work as the Health Coordinator of the Red Cross in my state, Ogun State. I have represented the state at various health related issues and at different fora. Besides that, I got elected as Youth Coordinator two years ago.

”The humanitarian within me still wanted to do more”

– Ibukunoluwa Ogunsola Adeyanju, Nigeria

I have worked as a volunteer in various emergency situations within and outside my own state. I served as the Health Monitoring Officer for the state during the 2017 outbreak of Lassa Fever in a part of our country. I have also served as a field monitoring officer during flood disasters that occurred in the state amongst others.

Balancing my personal life with my work as a dedicated Red Cross member has been easy. The people around me understand my passion for humanitarianism and support me. This has helped me to have all that it takes to take the Nigerian Red Cross Society to a higher level and fulfill the tenets, visions and principles of the movement. My biggest dream is to be able to continue my work for the Red Cross and help people who need it the most.

Ibukunoluwa Ogunsola Adeyanju

Nigeria, 2000

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