Voices of Support

The objectives of the GLOW Red Network, and the idea of increasing women’s leadership, is supported throughout the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

IFRC Governing Board

GLOW Red is working closely with the IFRC governance and the working group in the IFRC Governing Board on Governance Excellence, Gender and Diversity chaired by the Canadian Red Cross Governing Board member who is also part of the Coordination Group of GLOW Red. This working group initiated a review of quota mechanisms and a decision was taken in the IFRC General Assembly in December 2019 which will guarantee a minimum of 27 % women in the IFRC governing board. This quota ensures that at least 2 of the seats per region, out of the 5 seats total, will belong to women.

IFRC Secretariat

The IFRC Secretariat has set a goal of gender parity at all staff levels by 2028. They also recently adapted a Gender and Diversity Policy (2019) that commits the IFRC and National Societies to no more than 2/3 of one gender in leadership teams and governing bodies.


Within the ICRC, a goal has been set to reach gender-parity among its managers by 2022. A review has been carried out and actions are being integrated into the planning for the coming years.


Red Cross and Red Crescent leaders from across Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East have committed, in 2018, to ensuring women make up at least 50 percent of elected and appointed leadership positions by 2022.


At the Inter-Americas Conference in 2019, the Buenos Aires Commitment included a section on the importance and advocating for the leadership role of women.

National Societies

While many national societies have targets for achieving gender parity, many of this information is not shared throughout the movement. Does your national society have a specific goal in terms of gender parity? Would you like to share your successes with GLOW Red? Reach out to us, glowred@redcross.se

Male Allies

Conversation about Women's Leadership: Francesco Rocca and Margareta Wahlström

The importance of gender equality: Peter Maurer, President of the ICRC


Avvartes has opened their Resilience for Growth leadership program to GLOW Red members since June 2020. The program allows female leaders to tap into the sources of resilience needed in these disruptive times to thrive in senior roles, build multinational networks and identify ways to bring value back to the organization. With the support from Avvartes, GLOW Red can increase and strengthen the pipeline of future women leaders. 

Support GLOW Red

In order for GLOW Red to be able to continue with our advocacy work and offer trainings and mentorship programs for our members, we need your support. We are in search of partners who
believe in the necessity of women’s leadership. We are welcoming support in the form of: mentorship, strategic thinking, and long-term funding to assist with GLOW’s activities.

Interested in making a contribution or learning more? Please contact us at glowred@redcross.se