Here you will find knowledge and concrete advice on how to develop as a leader.
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Being a Candidate 101

Being a Candidate 101 is a guide with concrete steps, tools, and resources for building a successful candidature for an IFRC Governance Position. It is based on the shared knowledge and experiences in the GLOW Red Governance leadership trainings, recommendations from previously successful candidates, and the rules and guidelines provided by the IFRC.

Here you will find information about necessary readings and regulations as well as advice about running your candidature – step by step, from how to set up a campaign team to suggestions of how to be an effective board member.

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The Power of Networking

Do you want to learn more about strategic networking and peer support? Listen to a conversation between IFRC Under Secretary General - Niamh Lawless, and Senior Leadership Consultant - Eva Tamber.

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*This conversation was recorded during an EmpoweRED session on December 8th 2021. EmpoweRED is a joint initiative by GLOW Red, the IFRC and ICRC where we exchange experiences, network and co-create the future of women's leadership together with your RCRC colleagues from around the Movement.