“The Red Cross has changed my life”
“In 1999 during my job interview for the Red Cross I stated in front of the examining committee that I loved the Red Cross. Today, looking back at the past twenty years within the organization I can confidently say that I still feel the same. I love the Red Cross. My love for my work is my greatest treasure.” Meet Violeta Toncheva Radeva, Director of the Secretariat of the Bulgarian Red Cross – Burgas Regional Council.
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“I am from the town Burgas in the Republic of Bulgaria. I always wanted to work for the Red Cross because its values and principles correspond with my personal ones. It is my essence to see the good in people and human communication is the key to all innovations and good deeds. I simply love people.

My work is focused on attracting, retraining, developing and engaging employees and volunteers, partners and friends with the ideas of the Red Cross. I focus on implementing the Red Cross values into the organizational culture. This process is constant and hard work. But I like it a lot.

The Red Cross has changed my life. I can almost say that the Red Cross is my life. I have developed sustainable skills and knowledge that allows me to add higher value to the well-being of the local community through my work. It allows me to dream of a better and a more humane world. An equal world in which women leaders take their place, are appreciated and respected for their achievements. I dream of a world filled with peace and understanding among people.”

Violeta Toncheva Radeva

Bulgaria, 1999

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Companies where 8 out of every 20 managers are female, generate about 34% of their revenues from innovative products and services. In companies where only 1 out of every 20 managers is female, this is only 25%.

– Humanitarian Advisory Group – Drawing on our Diversity: Humanitarian Leadership Lorenzo, R. et al. (2017)

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