About us
GLOW Red is the Global Network for Women leaders in the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

The network was born out of the IFRC General Assembly decision and subsequent Council of Delegate resolution passed in 2017, which call on all National Societies to significantly increase their efforts to identify, support and promote women into senior leadership positions.

Today GLOW Red has more than 400 members from more than 120 national societies, spanning across all regions. Our aim is to increase the number of women leaders in senior positions within the RCRC movement, by raising awareness of the importance and necessity of diverse leadership, and by mentoring and coaching women on their path to achieve senior leadership positions. Since the beginning, we have worked towards two concrete main goals:

  • Change the electoral face of the International Governance of the Movement by 2022;
  • Increase and strengthen the pipeline of future women leaders, enabling and supporting high potential women from staff and volunteers for leadership positions beyond 2022.


Lighting the path to women’s leadership:

A review of GLOW Red’s four years of action

What are the effects and results of the GLOW Red Network? We have engaged Australia-based Humanitarian Advisory Group (HAG) to conduct an independent review of our work over the four past years since the network was established.

Read the review here

See the presentation of the review by Pip Henty, Leader, Humanitarian Advisory Group here.

Spread the word about GLOW Red and our work to potential new members, supporters, and followers! Summary and advocacy document based on the review:





The report Working Towards Gender Parity: GLOW Red Milestones

gives an overview and a timeline of what GLOW Red has achieved from 2017 to 2021.

Read the report


The 100 voices project

The 100 Voices project gathers stories of inspirational RCRC women from the very beginning of the Movement until present day. It showcases the collective and individual commitments and contributions that women have made to the Movement in every corner of the world. We believe that these women’s stories deserve a place in our common history, and we know that without them the RCRC movement would not be the same. Women play a pivotal role throughout the RCRC movement, and their voices deserve to be heard.

100 Voices is a living project, and we hope to be able to keep sharing stories of inspirational women throughout the RCRC movement. Know of a woman who is leading change and whose story should be heard? Reach out to us at glowred@redcross.se.


We want to thank the Swiss Red Cross Society for their generous contribution, without it the 100 voices project would have never been possible. We also want to thank the Swedish Red Cross for hosting this platform.

Thank you also to the Canadian Red Cross, the Spanish Red Cross, Mr Ahmad Zaklouta, Mr Umar Al Ayoubi and Mr Amin Al Ayoubi for helping us with translations.

Lastly, a warm thank you to the women who have shared their voices – keep glowing!