Tetiana Yeskova - Ukrainian RC
“Continuous professional growth is a priority for me”
Tetiana Yeskova works as the Head of Program Coordination Unit at the National Committee of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS). With a background in civil engineering and a decade-long tenure in project management, she spearheads the development of a contemporary project management framework within the organisation.
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Tetiana Yeskova - Ukrainian RC

Tetiana Yeskova, aged 33, grew up in the quaint industrial town of Alchevsk in the Luhansk region, currently situated in areas controlled by the Russian armed forces. Educated as a civil engineer, she embarked on her professional journey as a project manager in the realm of development, steadily ascending from an assistant role to leadership positions within her department.

Following the conflict escalation in Ukraine, Tetiana saw the opportunity to channel her expertise and skills into humanitarian endeavours. The prospect of contributing to the aid efforts for those affected led her to the decision to join the ranks of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS).

“I realized that I could serve the people of my country by venturing into the humanitarian sector and utilizing my abilities for the greater good. Since the summer of 2022, I have been part of the team at the National Committee of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, as a project coordinator. My role at the Ukrainian Red Cross Society encompasses diverse tasks and challenges. This involves planning projects or programmes, outlining objectives, allocating resources, and setting timelines, based on needs assessments of the affected populations.

While preparing projects during an armed conflict presents its challenges, we recognize the urgent need for assistance from various vulnerable groups across Ukraine, including those near conflict zones or displaced from their homes. Effective communication is essential in my role, ensuring prompt decision-making and issuing resolutions to uphold program effectiveness. Continuous professional growth is a priority for me, as staying abreast of the latest developments in project management is crucial.”

Once project conditions are agreed upon and initiatives are launched, the team conducts rigorous process for monitoring and reporting. To this end, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society is undergoing a comprehensive digital transformation to enhance transparency, data management, and decision-making processes. This initiative aims to facilitate swift reactions and project adjustments and ensure our assistance remains relevant to the evolving needs of people throughout Ukraine.

"My task involves establishing a unified system, approaches, and standards to navigate uncertainty, make informed decisions, and take action effectively. Presently, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society boasts a network of 1,500 employees and 8,000 volunteers operating across 200 regional and local branches. Collaborating with 27 partners, including members of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and businesses, we strive to provide assistance and support programmes to affected populations in Ukraine. In just 16 months, since the beginning of the international armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the URCS has provided humanitarian assistance to over 12,500,000 people in Ukraine, including evacuating more than 300,000 individuals with the help of our staff and volunteers. URCS Mobile Health Units and other services are operational in 22 regions of Ukraine.”

“My main message is to do something good for other people”

– Tetiana Yeskova Yeskova, Ukraine

“Through our extensive network, we have emerged as a prominent player in the humanitarian sector, covering a wide expansion in Ukraine, including areas densely populated near the frontlines. During my tenure at the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, I have built a strong professional team of employees who, under my leadership, develop and adapt approaches to project management and coordination within the organization. My main message is to do something good for other people, whether they are colleagues or beneficiaries. Implementing ideas and launching projects to their full potential using the team's capabilities is the essence of my work.

The URCS is working with Protection Gender and Inclusion (PGI) minimum standards and approaches in all of our programmes and projects. Despite daily challenges, we incorporate all protection issues, including both physical and psychological aspects of the population, into the logistics of our programmes. We strive to assist the most vulnerable population groups regardless of gender, age, physical abilities, with special attention given to families with children.

A crisis has different impacts on persons of all gender identities, ages, disabilities and backgrounds who have very different needs, concerns but also different resilience and coping strategies to overcome challenges. Women, girls, boys, men as well as other groups (older persons, LGBTI, and persons living with disabilities) all have different needs and capacities which must be identified and addressed to improve quality, efficiency and effectiveness of our programs and services.

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) puts forth every effort to create inclusive working conditions for all employees and volunteers within the organization. This allows everyone the opportunity to express their identity and utilize their personal and professional skills and experiences.”

“We strive to do everything to earn people's trust and enable them to turn to Red Cross volunteers and staff”

– Tetiana Yeskova Yeskova, Ukraine

“For the URCS, the principle of participation is not merely about tallying the number of kits distributed. It also involves planning communication campaigns effectively, organizing communication channels appropriately, and teaching volunteers to ensure that we provide quality, dignified assistance along this chain without causing harm, but rather providing help. Considering our programmatic directions, we strive to do everything to earn people's trust and enable them to turn to Red Cross volunteers and staff, knowing that they will be listened to and receive exactly what they need, in the way they need it.

I dream that when the conflict ends, I will prepare a comprehensive and effective humanitarian programme for the residents of the Luhansk region, where I was born. I will take this programme to my hometown to help the people who have been affected by the conflict and restore the necessary living conditions. I am eager to assist those who believe, who have survived and endured.”


Tetiana Yeskova

Ukraine, 2022

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