“I’m proud to have helped these children integrate into society and the workforce”
Roukiatou S. Maiga started volunteering in 1996, covering sports and cultural events and doing nighttime street outreach to provide health care to street children and homeless people in the various working-class districts of Bamako.
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For these children living in difficult situations, she launched and developed a project called “One Ball, One Home”. The project contributed significantly to these children’s placement, training in various fields, and integration into society and the workforce.

“I’m quite proud to have helped these children integrate into society and the workforce, as they’ve been given a new lease on life”, Roukiatou Maiga said.

Since 2000, Roukiatou Maiga has been a national first aid instructor. She travels to the most remote villages across Mali to train volunteers in first aid and strengthen the adoption of humanitarian and relief principles in communities. For many years, she was the only female first aid instructor and the only woman providing health care for numerous sociopolitical events. The MRC must ensure that the gender policy that promotes gender equity in employment is properly implemented for recruitment and promotions. She believes that with a gender policy, the MRC could train other instructors among the 10,000 volunteers, for example.

Roukiatou S. Maiga

Mali, 1996

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Globally, women are currently 118 years away from closing the gender gap.

– When Women Thrive, Businesses Thrive: The World’s Most Comprehensive Research on Women in the Workplace.

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