She keeps Tajikistan healthy
Mrs. Dilorim Mirova makes sure that Tajikistan stays healthy. As the Deputy Secretary General and Manager of the Health Programme of the Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan she is responsible for all the health trainings in the country. Programmes that even reach women in the most remote areas.
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Mrs. Dilorim Mirova doesn’t sit still. In all her years at the Red Crescent Society in Tajikistan (RCST) she has contributed significantly to the capacity building and development of the Society. As a Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) trainer she trained and prepared more than 35 instructors and trainers on CBHFA-approach, carried out more than 200 trainings on First aid and trained more than 2000 people, including staff of International Organizations, ambassadors and representatives of other social sectors in the country. Thanks to her help, the country is a little safer and healthier.

Even the most remote part of the country benefit from her knowledge and drive to make the country safer and more equal. Over the past ten years, Mrs. Dilorim Morivo ran the CBHFA project in the districts of Rasht Valley, a mountainous, inaccessible district where outbreaks of infectious diseases occur very often. In Tajikistan the majority of the population works in the agricultural sector, at least seventy per cent of the women do. However, their voices are never heard. Women are not allowed to make decisions about the family’s finances, even if their suggestions would mean an improvement of their situation. Mrs. Dilorom is aware of this problem and tries to improve their situation.

Together with trained volunteers from the communities, Dilorom organizes information sessions, discussions and campaigns in remote villages to raise awareness about topics like ‘Healthy motherhood and childhood’ and ‘Girls menstrual hygiene’. With her work, Dilorom tries to promote and advocate for the development of gender equality among women so they can increase their social role and contribution in strengthening and development of their communities.

In addition, Dilorom is a good wife, loving mother of 5 children and excellent grandmother of 4 cute grandchildren.

Mrs. Dilorim Mirova

Tajikistan, 2004

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– Humanitarian Advisory Group – Drawing on our Diversity: Humanitarian Leadership Lorenzo, R. et al. (2017)

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