Wivie Schärfe - Danish Red Cross
"The Red Cross caught me"
In the 55 years Wivie Schärfe has been part of the Danish Red Cross, she has helped change the organization into what it is today. With her own advancement from first aid instructor to chairman and on to vice president, Wivie has seen changes from all sides of the Red Cross.
Wivie Schärfe - Danish Red Cross

Back in 1969, Wivie Schärfe decided to make the trip to Copenhagen to become a trained first aid instructor at the Danish Red Cross. Since then, she has been deeply engaged in the Red Cross Movement and helped people in Denmark as well as abroad. During years, she has held numerous chairmanships, board positions, and for many years she was Vice President with special responsibility for international cooperation.

"The Red Cross caught me. Not only first aid, but the entire Red Cross Movement. Together we help the most vulnerable people, not only in Denmark, but all over the world." 

"We work under the same principles whether it's in Denmark, Washington or Cairo – it's been very inspiring for me"

– Wivie Schärfe, Denmark

Wivie was awarded the honorable Danish Red Cross ‘Badge of Honour’ in 2009 with the following words: "Wivie Schärfe has in her almost 40 years as a volunteer made a special effort for the Danish Red Cross," and now, 15 years later, there is even more on her resume. In 2015, Wivie helped start a girls' camp in co-operation with the Malawi Red Cross that has been held every year with great success. She explains why she wanted to support this project: “Two volunteers from my local Red Cross branch were on a visit to Malawi Red Cross, and they were given the task of looking to see if there were any particularly vulnerable people we could make a difference for. They came home and told me that especially the older schoolgirls could use help”.

Wivie Schärfe has been engaged in the Red Cross for many years, she experienced how the Movement has changed over time, and she has been part of that change. She says that over the years, the Red Cross has become much more open and welcoming, and with much more room for debate across the organization. And Wivie is proud to have contributed to this cultural change and democratization.

Wivie Schärfe

Denmark, 1969

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