"My dream as a woman volunteer is to reach out to women and children who are displaced by war"
I joined the Red Cross in 1999. I have worked in the field doing community work, during the COVID-19 outbreak in Mulago hospital within the program Restoring Family Links (RFL) sponsored by ICRC, and I was also engaged in the Ebola response team in the hospital. Currently I am a team leader for volunteers working in Mulago hospital assisting at the Casualty department.

Being a woman leader in the humanitarian organization is very challenging, I have learned to be patient and to help my fellow women. Working with COVID-19 patients was not easy because I had to leave my family for almost a month, and I got COVID-19.
Working with the Red Cross and Red Crescent as a volunteer impacted my life: I learned a lot of things by helping people who are in need and serving humanity. The main challenge women face in leadership positions in the Red Cross and Red Crescent is that when you supervise men, they may not respect you and don’t follow your orders.

“My dream as a woman volunteer is to reach out to women and children who are displaced by war, more especially in refugee camps. And to serve humanity as Henry Dunant”.

– Kemigisa Sarah Margaret, Uganda

I would like to request the ICRC to assist with wheelchairs and introduce the RFL Services at the Casualty department, as some people come to us unconscious and they don't have phones, so we use our phones to call their relatives. Also, I believe that there are 3 ways to effect changes for volunteers: 1. appreciate volunteers more as they sacrifice their lives to serve humanity; 2. provide volunteers with health insurance; 3. give volunteers lunch and transport.

Kemigisa Sarah Margaret

Uganda, 1999

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Women are more likely to diminish and undervalue their professional skills and achievements than their male counterparts.

– Barriers and Bias: The Status of Women in Leadership, American Association of University Women

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