Rosalie uses her status as a woman to break down the barriers that stigmatize women
Coulibaly Rosalie Dabou has been a Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA) assistant with the Mali Red Cross for four years. Rosalie, as a woman holding this important position, is fully committed to her role. She developed a major strategy that helped identify 2,161 volunteers in 758 villages within the project. This has greatly helped the Red Cross extend its reach and influence in communities.
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Rosalie advocated for female volunteers and Community Health Worker women to be allowed to participate in training and supervisory visits with their children to encourage them to participate. One of the strengths of the CBHFA approach that Rosalie is particularly proud of is the gradual change in the way that women are being viewed within the project’s target communities. This is a success for all the training programs organized within the Maternal Newborn and Children’s Health project in partnership with the Canadian Red Cross; men in the communities where she works are no longer reluctant to let their wives volunteer with the Red Cross.

Rosalie uses her status as a woman as a way to break down the barriers that stigmatize women. In her view, women are gaining increasing power to make decisions about their health, their children’s health, and their relationships.

Coulibaly Rosalie Dabou

Mali, 2015

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Across all regions, between 45-57 per cent of Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers are women.

– IFRC Everyone Counts Report, 2019

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